Very wintery windy day we were in the area so popped to check this out, they are much bigger than the photographs show, sitting here since 1959 these dishes are completely desoltate


A Royal Air Force Radar Station in operation between 1938-1955. During the Second World War this was a Chain Home station that provided early warning of enemy aircraft approaching Sheffield and Nottingham and the central midlands. The station comprised transmission and receiver blocks, four 240ft timber receiver aerial towers, four 350ft steel transmitter aerial towers that stood on concrete pads, and other buildings such as dispersed accommodation huts, guard huts and standby set houses. From 1940 defensive measures were installed at radar stations, including Light Anti-Aircraft gun emplacements, pill boxes, road blocks and air raid shelters. In the early 1950s the station was remodelled and technically restored as part of the Rotor programme. It was in use until 1955. Aerial photography from 1997 shows that the transmission and receiver blocks remain in good condition. Two sets of the original four receiver aerial base sets are visible. Concrete pads remain for three of the four sets of transmitter aerial bases, the fourth survives complete with its mast. A triangular pillbox is located at the western perimeter, as is a large ancillary building. The guardhouse remains at the southern entrance. A Nato Forward Scatter Station was built at the former Royal Air Force site in 1960

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