The Stones

These are a bit odd;  stated to be in two different counties but the same image and description. Research has highlighted that the person who erected these, did so thinking they were a Celtic temple!. Built for his wife around 1830 they were built alongside a wood as a folly and in full view of the persons’ house.

They are in a ruinous condition however it’s been written that it unsure whether they are meant to look like that! Over the time a fence has been placed around them and they are on private land.

It is made out of limestone and the large slabs are connected together with iron rods, a few of the stacked stones have fallen. It has an inner and outer circle and the inner circle has the rectangular shaped stones.You can see the ironworks sticking out of a few of the stones. Some of the stones themselves have marks on the edges, there is also a stone buried in the centre and it is believed that it is a replica of Stonehenge!

I haven’t been to Stonehenge so I don’t have a comparison sadly.

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