A folly or a worship, a guess we will never know!

Hagley Hall Grotto,

Was very lucky to have the chance to see this one! Amazing little place, very quirky only consisting of 3 rooms and very small adjoining tunnel but is very interesting all the same. I believe the correct term for it is a “Folly” in basic terms im from the understanding that it was a way for rich people to show their affluence.

The grotto, was believed to have been part of a hall that was built in 1752 (now demolished) and is Grade II Listed and due to the rumoured nature of its existance its possible that the grotto its self was a later edition. Now sealed this hidden gem will now only be seen via the pictures taken.

  • Now sealed this piece of history remains just that.

Grotto. Circa late C18. Carved from red sandstone bedrock with
seams of gravel. A series of interconnected underground chambers.
A plain roughcast arched portal in a steep bank, leads to an
aisled antechurch with groin vaults, at the end of which is a
rotunda (a circular chamber) with a colonnade of 6 Tuscan columns
with plain capitals and abaci supporting an entablature and saucer
shaped dome. At north end of antechurch a vaulted passage turns
north, with small saucer-shaped dome over corner, into antechamber
with arcaded walls, cornice and hipped ceiling. From the ante-
chamber a tunnel-vaulted passage to the basilica with 3-bay aisle
arcades with large square piers, plain capitals and round arches
and groin vaults to nave and aisles. At north (liturgical east)
end of nave a round-headed apse (large niche) with pedestal-type
alter. From the antechamber an inclined passage leads up to the



This is the current situation.


More information on the Hall,


4 thoughts on “Hagley Hall Grotto,

  1. Good post! I read your blog often and you always post excellent content. I posted this article on Facebook and my followers like it. Thanks for writing this!

    1. That’s pretty cool, does the old chute lead up to your garden? I always wondered if there was anything else left of the hall or gardens besides the old stone pillars or who indeed owned the grotto. I was gutted it got sealed as I was just learning back then with the photography and it was a lovely little space!

  2. There is actually a corridor beneath the main room that is goes under the town towards the cellar of the old cabin pub (now the vaults). There is a rumour that it actually goes all the way up to armitage.
    There was actually a ventilation shoot you could slide down after the door was sealed.

    Over the other side of the fence there is also an old air raid shelter as well.

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