Janet’s Foss Waterfall.

Great little Waterfall, First one I saw on the internet some years ago and has sat in my research ever since! Very busy place and  can be sketchy; in the mins I spent here I saw well over 20 people which is a lot in such a small space to fit in excited children and dogs! if you have expensive non–waterproof Camera equipment have a go at your own risk!

Janet’s Foss is a small waterfall in the vicinity of the village of Malham, North Yorkshire, England. It carries Gordale Beck over a limestone outcrop topped by tufainto a deep pool below. The pool was traditionally used for sheep dipping, an event which took on a carnival air and drew the village inhabitants for the social occasion.

The name Janet (sometimes Jennet) is believed to refer to a fairy queen held to inhabit a cave at the rear of the fall. Foss is a Nordic word for waterfall, still used in Scandinavia, and is presented in a number of cases in England as ‘force’. Janet’s Foss was the location of the fictional Molkham Falls as featured in the 2006 independent British film, WATERFALL. Filming took place there in May 2006.

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