Rest in Pieces

Not the usual place I kind to frequent but it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for several years! Fascinating place,  Ossuaries are not very common, this one is medieval and is one of only 2 in the UK. There are more common in Europe and some of those ossuaries are quite the affair, you may have seen images of chandeliers made of bones  in Prague. This one isn’t as ornate or on the same scale but certainly has an impact! I don’t know why but i was expecting a smell, there wasn’t one i’m not sure why I had that expectation,I guess its from previous experiences with bones have had flesh decomposings around them which is probably where the smell comes from!

More of a permission visit, but  a chance to learn a little history. There are animal bones here also and they have dated some of them but not all, some go back to 1250 but there are others as new as the 19th century.  There is no concrete explanations for why the bones are there, folks have concluded from history we know from around that time and religious practices and changes of faiths.

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