Peacock Church

Lovely  medieval church in the middle of nowhere church ; its a deconsecrated church , It looks like its had some recent attention but definitely looks medieval Some lovely markings from the 50’s on the outside of the porch and there was also a lovely sundial set into the side of the wall, I’ve never seen that before I think it’s brilliant!

 The origins of this church and its surrounding village are shrouded in mystery. Domesday Book refers to a place called Stretone held by the de Ferrers family, but makes no mention of a church.
The south doorway and the surrounding masonry date to the 12th century but most of the current structure was built during the 14th and 15th centuries. The church contains some fine woodwork, including 16th-century roof timbers and Georgian box pews. The church escaped significant Victorian restoration, so looks very much as it would have done 200 years ago. The rectors of the church during the 19th century were members of the family who occupied the adjoining manor, the Cave Brownes. Following a steady decline into disuse and disrepair, the church was vested with a Conservation Trust in 1986.

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