Very late to the party for here; truth be told I only went for the decaying industrial bones! oh and the control tower! Nice afternoon walk around here there’s a live tramway running up and down so if you were to visit with the intent of wandering around its a game of hide and seek from the open top 2 storey tram full of the public!

Nevertheless I still wanted to capture the main section I did poke a toe in the water which when adding your weight quickly got smushy!

The main structure was originally owned by one aggregate company and then years later was taken over by another, it was eventually abandoned around as the limestone started to turn funny colours? (I wonder if this has anything to do with the radioactive waste dump thats nearby?) I couldn’t find much about it but if I do come across anything else ill write up a bit more


There wasn’t much left to the canteen and other buildings a few weigh bridges but like I said I was here for the weathered lump of industrial past! control rooms bare but again I knew this before going!

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