The Cambrian Slate Mine

Visited under cover of darkness; This place was bigger than what I expected It made for fun gaining access in the dark and to be honest I cant think of a better place to spend a friday night! Wellies are a must and if you intend on checking out some of the other workings your gonna get very wet.

Must return to this in the daytime and give it another go!

Slate Mine

The Cambrian slate mine is situated above the village of Glyn Ceriog in Wales and consisted of 4 large open workings and a considerable amount of workings underground, I am unsure of when it closed but there are no real sign of artifacts like in some other local slatemines and an interesting point to note was that the Cambrian slate had so many strata that it laminated too easily giving its useful life a maximum of 25 years and even all of the local houses and buildings are roofed with slate from Blanau or Dinorwic.


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