This place was lovely but had the air of armadillo about it, definatley better onthe outside than what it had to offer on the inside and unfortunatley the higher lovels were unaccessible. This is NOT open to the public.

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The remains of the mill, built around the beginning of the nineteenth century, tower strikingly above the surrounding houses. Although the sails are long gone and the upper section has been modified and added to over the years, the mill is still a remarkable sight – and all the more interesting because of its varied history. The tower has a slight taper until the later cylindrical portion is reached; it is roughly five storeys – some fifty feet – high, with a crenellated top, also added later.

During the Second World War, Highgate Windmill’s commanding position made it the natural choice for use as an observation post by local Air Raid Patrol wardens, and for years it was manned by them every night.

By the 1960’s the mill had fallen into disrepair, becoming covered in ivy, and it appears to have changed little since then, though it is now much less overgrown.

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