The Coffin Makers Cottage

I’ve always had a morbid curiosity, over the years there’s been many places that have been a bit on the dark side and I haven’t always been able to see them for myself so this time when this place resurfaced I made sure that I got it done!.

Theres not alot of history known about this place, Other have speculated that the Coffin Maker himself had passed a long long time ago and that his daughter was the last person to reside here.

I don’t know if any of that is true or if the lady in question is in a facility someone or has passed. Im never keen to be inside residential homes for too long, It’s incredibly person and I always imagine how I would feel if this was my grandma’s house and treat the place accordingly.

The sheds and outside was where the coffin related stuff was so i stuck to that, the weather adds a little bit of atmosphere to the place!

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