Marchington Barracks

Quite repetitive explore since all buildings are the same but a nice little wonder to kill an hour!
Marchington (8 of 55)Royal Army Ordnance Corp Marchington, was built around 1957 and dealt with the supply and maintenance of weaponry and munitions and various other military equipment until 1993 when the corp amalgamated with the Royal Logistics Corp.

It was also a Central Vehicle Depot during this time until the barracks closed in 1970, and the Territorial Army took over until finally closing the site in the early 1980s.

6 thoughts on “Marchington Barracks

  1. David O'Neill says:

    I was stationed here when the barrack blocks opened in late 1957. Prior to that we transferred daily from Egginton . I was Corporal i/c Progress & responsible for vehicles to be issued to other units. In the Aden crisis we had full time painting green vehicles sand for use out there. My number was 23384170 & my intake 5707 with basic training at Hilsea Barracks & trade training at Blackdown. Corporal David O’Neill. My OC was Capt J R Young.

    1. the elusive says:

      Wow! I bet its hardly recognisable to back when you were there! So was Marchington full of military vehicles then the space that’s now the industrial estate? thanks for the informaiton its always nice to hear anything from the days of when it was operational

  2. Denise says:

    My dad and family were stationed here in 1959 to 1962
    We lived in a quadsand hut outside the barracks until a house was available!
    A memory on Facebook brought this to mind of the huts elsewhere in the UK!!
    I think my dad was a corporal then his service number was 22554373 Dennis Peers
    Thank you for the memories

  3. Nicola Emmerson says:

    Iā€™m trying to locale a gentlemen that a believe was stationed here. His name is Jack McClain.
    Does anyone remember him?
    Thank you šŸ˜Š

  4. P Bagshaw says:

    I worked as a dog handler at the RAOC depot at Hilton. Loved it ,paid for walking a dog. All gone now. Massive housing estate.
    Just short of 300 acres in its day.Never seen so many land-rovers.


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