Bones Cottage

This place fills you full of sorrow, the first thing that greets you is a locked caged full of fur and bones; so close to the outside the animal would of heard, seen and smelt the outside but sadly died incarcerated in a small cage. Sometimes you come across a place and the story of the previous owners are clear; this one not so much, there was dog faeces everywhere around the house and about 4 corpses in various stages of decomposition of dogs very sad and very cruel. There were neighbours that would of heard these animals and by the possessions left by the owners they were animal lovers.

This is a place I stumbled across; after going I was informed that its a known place and others had been there! Having observed the horrors that were in this place had I known previous I would have not got out the car! No way would I have gone to this place knowingly,  My skin shudders and itches just looking at the photographs, upon leaving the person I was with checked the shed and in there was a still furry curled up remains of an alsatian  it was horrific. I took photographs of the cages but I just couldn’t bring myself to photograph the others,the 2 sets of bones curled around each other in the bathroom made me cry out loud The images from my own eyes will never go and really don’t believe there’s anything positive to gain from putting  images like that on the internet.

RIP to all who lost their lives in that awful place. Nothing deserves an ending like that!

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