The Lady in Grey

Interesting place to walk around, its grade 2 listed built in the late 18th century and then added to in the 20th. Some of the rooms had been stripped others not, some decayed some had evidence of renovation but not for a while. It had a little boat in the grounds too; had lots of water inside unfortunately else I’d had gone in for a look! There are reports that the place got its name from the alleged ghost that wanders the hallways looking for jewellery….

The name Lady in Grey is said to refer to a ghost searching for her mothers jewels which were bequeathed to her but were buried by her jealous sisters. Staff and customers in its restaurant days reported an occasional feeling of someone pushing past them, and a former resident once stepped in to the walk-in freezer for a midnight snack and saw the door shut on him. Fortunately his desperate cries reached his wife upstairs. Both were convinced the door could not have moved on its own…

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