Region 2 War Room

Swung by this place today; This is literally undergoing demolition at the moment a real shame especially when you consider that other bunkers that have tours on in London have less in them; really pleased to have managed to have a look!

The War Room opened in the early 1950’s but within a few years nuclear technology left it obsolete as the H bomb threat required a new breed of protected accommodation, the RSG. By 1958 it had became a sub regional control, subordinate to the RSG at York It also acted as a City Council sub control, one of 4 in a ring around the city. (the others were houses). Joint Home Office and Civil Defence use is unusual. After 1968 it was no longer required until 1981 when the upper level was refitted as City Council Control (The lower level was not used). In theory it was available until the end of the cold war, but in practice it was unsuitable for the purpose, damp and rarely used.


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