Relics of Aviation

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Amazing place to have had a chance to see, since we are in the warmer greener months a dare say there is slightly less to see than in winter! but the vegetation does make you work for it and the lovely weather does make for better captures! There are a few aircraft here;

Hawker hunter F6; I think it was built in 1956, (Single engine fixed wing.) Which has been photographed in 1959 at Raf Alconbury, Raf Chivenor in 1971 and Raf  St Athan in 1985.

Hunting P-84 Jet Provost T.3, Built in 1961 by Bristol Siddeley Viper it’s a 2 person aircraft  Fixed wing single engine.

Gloster Meteor T7; Built in Huddlecote  in 1951, Has served many roles including flying training service, was put into storage a couple of times over the 1950’s and refurbished before having a few more years in active service flying from Little Rissington (one of three small military airfields operational back then to form with RAF Gloucester.) It was an instructional airframe at RAF Digby in 1969 before being sold in 1991.

Hawker Sea Hawk FB5, Constructed in 1954 for Air fleet, Went to Cornwall Aero Park, Helston, UK, October 20, 1983. before being sold in 1993.

De Havilland Vampire T11, built in 1952, 2 seater there’s also what’s left of DH Vampire XE979, which is about half!

  • Stitched Panorama
  • Stitched Panorama
  • Stitched Panorama

I do believe there has been some kind volunteers who have cleaned up the aircraft very recently!

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