Bomb Store II

It feels like an eternity since the last time I was out and about!

This place is pretty interesting to me mainly for my love of military bases and the fact that there’s very little information available about the place.

I’ve been doing this a fair while now and whilst I definitely do not consider myself an expert; The sheer lack of info means I’m going to wildly speculate the history of this place! which is kinda fun!

So, from what I can figure out,

There is a nearby airfield and base which is very much live, that base was built in the 1940’s  and was a bomber station as so many were during WWII. Over the course of history, there have been numerous squadrons connected to missiles and other explosive devices affiliated with this base so I suspect the site I’ve visited is some kind of storage.The layout of some of the compounds are very similar to other munition storage’s and bomb stores I have seen before, the uses of revetments and the style and materials used  I daresay indicate around the 1950’s. There are some clues to other uses dotted around the place the boards and posters have a late 60’s 70’s feel about them and one of the posters has an aircraft on from late 60’s which was affiliated with that base and other operation evaluation units.Later on its definitely been used as dumping ground for the nearby airbase; all sorts of old things left in there and by the looks of it for a very long time! as with many old military bases, there always seems to be out of place old equipment gathering dust and ivy.

Another reason why I’m pretty much certain its 1950’s is the lack of information on maps and the telltale sign!
This sign tells us that its official secrets, the average time for official secrets to be kept secret, 50 years!

The only article I’ve found on this place, in the comments someone has claimed that because it’s not appeared on any maps until 1999 that it was built then!

I’ve also checked maps and it is indeed not on any map from 1940-1961

 The next imagery you get is 1999.

However, if you look at the photographs and see the amount of decay; there is no way these structures have only existed since 1999!

50 Years from 1999 is 1949 so Im suggesting it was completed there and omitted from maps for 50 years!

 Anyway, Im no Sherlock Holmes but that is my take on it if anyone has any info or wants to put me right please feel free to do so!

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