Ysbyty seiciatrig yr Eglwys Newydd

I loved this place! you seldom see places of this size in this condition, walked a good 8 miles around here in a day was amazing !.There were lots of other folks on site as well, groups of young people as well; not just looking around either sadly I fear it will come to a sad end; I really hope it doesn’t!

Built in 1908 this hospital has had many uses; two world war hospitals inclusive as well as a psychiatric hospital. Grade 2 listed and designed by Architects Messrs Oatley and Skinner of Bristol.

Building amongst most modern of its period, having provision for latest treatment methods, and also a large recreation hall, bakery, kitchen, boiler house, own fire station. Taken over by military 1914 – 1919 as ‘War Hospital’ (refurbished following war), and again during Second World War as ‘Emergency Hospital’. Taken over by Ministry of Health in July 1948.

  • Stitched Panorama

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