House of Sorrow

Visiting abandoned places it does run through your mind especially in residential buildings what are you going to find….. For years I always joked about find a gun until I came across one, Joking aside there’s always a tiny little voice in my head that tells me to looks for flies and open the letter box before going in… especially if it’s a very rural very um full house.  Finding these remains just made me very sad and made the trip a lot more personal and very intriguing. Why were they in the house the pair of them? sweet that they are together but sad that they are in this crumbling dilapidated house with holes in the roof and aging dirt. Was that their wish to stay together in the house or is it that there’s noone left  in the family to move them?  I couldn’t help and reflect on my own mortality and the more I looked at those little boxes sat there the more it makes me realise, That’s not the end i would choose for anyone I love! This couple had a been together along time and had served in some kind of services by the look of things. The lady had been passed for over 20 years and most of her possessions were boxed away in a couple of rooms, now crumbling with mouldy and tipped all over the place, it was a sad thing to see. I wish I knew more on this place.

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