Tinkle Towers

What a fantastic place! Sometimes life gives you unlikely and exciting opportunities, this was one of those times! Massive building with room after room after room leading around endless corridors and staircases in unlikely places it took hours to fathom the way around. Very lucky to have had this opportunity!

Beautiful Tudor- style mansion built in 1910 by J Francis Doyle, as with many buildings around wartime it became a hospital during world war II. It remained a hospital for some time until becoming a care home. With it being a hospital my attention was immediately diverted to finding what would have been the morgue, which I did find but was used for storage and in a very derelict state! Some of the rooms were designed with a sense of grandeur; drawing rooms with Adam and Jacobean fireplaces whereas others such as the staff rooms where not as interesting.

Such a massive site is managed by having people living all over the site; in the outbuildings and in the main house and its previous use meant that some of the “clients” rooms’ still has the smell of a nursing home…. hence the name!

This is now a Wedding Venue!


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